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Who's Who


Head Teacher

Mrs S Loader

Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Head Teacher

Mr P Armstrong

Pupil Premium Co-ordinator




Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C Furniss

Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Mrs N Loasby-Seal



Mr L Upham



Miss R Wasiewicz





Class Teachers




Lime Class – Foundation Stage 1


Mrs R Gould

Mrs H Ingram


Willow Class – Foundation Stage 2


Mrs C Furniss




Foundation Lead Teacher



Hornbeam Class – Foundation Stage 2


Mrs G John



Eucalyptus Class – Year 1

Mrs Z Prow 


Science Co-ordinator


Beech Class – Year 1 and 2


Miss  A Morris






Holly Class – Year 2

Miss R Wasiewicz


Key Stage 1 Leader

Maths Co-ordinator


Rowan Class – Year 3 

Mrs L Drew


ICT Co-ordinator

Maths Co-ordinator

Music Co-ordinator



Chestnut Class – Year 3 and 4

Mr S Turner

(Mrs A Richardson on

Maternity Leave)


English Co-ordinator

Foundation Subjects Co-ordinator


Robinia Class – Year 4

Mr L Upham


Lower Key Stage Two Leader

Data Co-ordinator


Silver Birch Class – Year 5

Mr M Bawden


Environment Co-ordinator

P.E Co - ordinator


Red Oak Class – Year 6

Mrs N Loasby-Seal


Upper Key Stage Two Leader

English Co-ordinator


Whitebeam Class - Year 5 and 6

Mr P Armstrong



Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs N Buda/

Mr L Upham








PPA Cover - Music

Mrs E Stringer





Parent and Family Support Advisor

Mrs K Barratt

Deputy Safeguarding Lead




Cover Supervisor

Mrs C Kearley






Learning Support Assistants

Mrs W Allen       

Ms A Murphy


Mrs E Burdis

Mrs J Payne


Mrs M Cable

Mrs A Poole


Mr J Davies

Mrs L Robins


Mrs S Gilham

Mrs S Sattler


Mrs C Kearley

Mrs R Smith


Mrs S Lawrence

Mrs D Stoneman


Miss N Lee

Mrs N Watson


Mrs S Mead

Miss K Westlake


Mrs S Mears

Mrs G Wilkie


Mrs B Wyatt

Mrs S Byrne

  Mrs F Willliams





School Business Manager

Mrs S Harber






Mrs M Parsons



Mrs K Stephens






Mrs C Wills




Mr R Batstone





Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs A Batstone

Mrs P Evans


Mrs O Cross

Mrs M Parsons


Mrs S Darby

Ms M Turner








Mrs T Dare

Mrs N Cooper-Pettitt


Mr D Perry





Cleaners Mrs K Fishlock Mrs M Parsons
  Mrs B Gibbs Miss K Wyatt
Starlyngs: Supervisors Mr J Davies Mrs R Smith
  Mrs C Kearley  
                 Assistants Miss N Lee Mrs M Parsons
  Mrs S Gilham