The Intent behind our curriculum is based on our school Vision and Values, and in line with Richard Huish Trust Vision and Values. Fundamental to devising our curriculum is a clear understanding of the strengths and needs of Lyngford Park Primary School Community.

In our work to shape the curriculum we have consulted widely with local stakeholders including parents, governors and colleagues from agencies such as health, police, housing and One Team. We have taken on board their views and used them in planning our learning. We have devised a curriculum that is progressive in terms of skill and knowledge development.

Our school community is judged to be in an area of high deprivation, within the top 20% most deprived nationally. Our intention is to provide a curriculum that addresses key areas we have identified as required to eradicate social disadvantage.

  • Key areas include:

    • Understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle including healthy mental health;
    • An understanding and wish to visit the country/world beyond the local area;
    • An appreciation of cultural experiences.
    • An understanding of how to stay safe in the community and online.
    • The ability to communicate effectively;

    We use the curriculum to enable children to make connections as they move through our school and relate local to global.

    Our children have been key in bringing to life our Vision and Values, taking each block and agreeing a common understanding of what this looks like in our school in terms of behaviours for learning, effective communication, aspiration and self-belief to be the best they can be.

    Lyngford Park Primary School uses the curriculum it has developed to address key issues within its local community

    Curriculum content

    Lyngford Park Primary School follows the National Curriculum for England and the as set out by the Department for Education, combined with our own distinctive approach to ensure learning is tailored to the needs of our children.

    We use Read, Write Inc to teach our Early Reading and this is taught and followed by Nursery up until our children are ready to finish and move onto Guided reading and Accelerated Reader. 

    Reading is heavily linked to phonics teaching.  We use Read, Write Inc book bag books linked to the children’s reading development and when they finish these they will read Accelerated reader books which are banded to match the children’s ability and age.  

    Religious Education

    We follow the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education ‘Awareness, Mystery, Value’