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Internet Safety


Safer Internet Day normally takes place in early February and we will be placing additional focus on Internet Safety. This year's theme is "Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you."


The internet is used in many different ways by children and it is important to discuss its safe use with your child, as we do in school. We have provided the information below to support you in safeguarding your child.


How do I know if an application (app) or website is suitable for my child?


The website will advise you about what age group a website is suitable for. It contains reviews and opinions by parents, children and the NSPCC.


The website will advise you about the age suitability of video games. It will also provide you with advice about exposure to violence, etc.



How can I set up parental controls on the internet?


It is important to restrict your child’s access to certain websites which may contain unsuitable material. For example, you can use ‘You Tube kids’ to filter access on You Tube. Your internet company will also have the facility to set up parental controls on other websites.


What should I do if I have any concerns?


Firstly, it is important that your child knows that if they feel unsafe when online, they should speak to a trusted adult who can help them. This includes parents and teachers. Children should never be encouraged to keep concerns to themselves.


In the event that your child is put into an uncomfortable situation online, it is important to report this to the relevant authorities. Reports can be made through, who will follow up your concern with you.


The NSPCC helpline is available for advice to any parents who have concerns: 0808 800 5002.


Where can I find further support?


The NSPCC have a partnership with the O2 mobile network. It is possible to arrange a meeting in any O2 shop during which a member of staff will guide you through the use of electronic devices to ensure that your child is safe online. Please contact O2 directly if you wish to make an appointment.


You can also ask a member of school staff for any support which you may require.



Online Safety at Lyngford Park


At Lyngford Park Primary School we follow the Somerset Byte Awards. This incorporates awards for every age group and covers the progression needed to ensure the children are aware of how they can stay safe when online.



What are we doing in school?


Spring Term


  • It is Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 6th February and the theme of the day is 'Create, Connect, Share and Respect'.
  • Year 5 and 6 have had an e safety talk and follow up sessions with Georgia Coles,our PCSO.
  • All children in the school have been involved in an e safety assembly related to their year group about what online is and how to keep safe when using technology.
  • A parents meeting took place where Georgia Coles spoke to parents about how they support their children with using technology and online resources in a safe and responsible way.
  • All of the children across the school took part in e safety activities relating to their Byte Award, working towards creating a secure knowledge of how to use technology in a safe and responsible way.
  • Georgia Coles (PCSO) and Amy Brittan (Educational Technology Advisor) talked to staff from across all departments within the school about what the online safety expectations are and how they can support the children with their learning and themselves when online.
  • The NSPCC came into school to talk to the children about 'staying safe and speaking out'. this linked into our online safety week, encouraging children to seek help when needed.