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Equality Statement and Objectives

Lyngford Park Primary School



Equality Act 2010: Equality Information and Objectives Statement

July 2021




  1. Lyngford Park Primary School has a statutory duty to publish one or more equality objectives at least every four years by the 6 April each year. This document sets out our five equality objectives for 2021-2025.


    2. The objectives seek to promote equality, diversity and opportunity for all within our           school community. We have identified these objectives based on a range of evidence         about the issues for schools in the Richard the Huish Trust. Every four years, we                review this evidence, and update our objectives accordingly.


The legal context

  1. Schools have a statutory duty under the Equality Act 2010 to pay ‘due regard’ to the following when exercising public functions:


  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other prohibited conduct;
  • Advance equality of opportunity for people with protected characteristics[i];
  • Foster good relations between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and people who do not share it.


  1. The Act also requires schools to:


  • Publish equality objectives that are proportionate, specific and measurable
  • Report annually on progress
  • Publish a school accessibility plan


Somerset’s population and our school community


  1. Somerset has approximately 965,424 residents (2020).  The majority of the population, 94.5% are ‘White British’ (2011 Census) with 2% BAME.


    The diverse population of our school


  1. Our school pupil community has its own unique make up:


  • 85% are classed as White British
  • 15% are classed as EAL with first languages including: Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Lithuanian, Hindi, Igbo, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Urdu.


The profile of our staff and the local governing body


The workforce is aged between 20 and 60 and is predominantly female and white British.  The Governing Body is white British.


Issues our objectives take into account


  1. Our equality objectives address the following issues:


  • The recognition of protected characteristics and that all learners are equal.
  • The need to address achievement gaps within groups of pupils to improve life chances: boys and girls, those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding or free school meals, children with SEND and children looked after.
  • Promoting positive attitudes to cultural diversity through the curriculum and enrichment.
  • Engaging with the school community to support inclusivity.


Equality Objectives for 2021-2025


  1. Our five objectives are to:


    1. Ensure all learners, regardless of their protected characteristics, are equal
      1. Actively work to close achievement gaps for all groups of pupils
      2. Promote positive attitudes and relationships that recognise and respect difference
      3. Foster a sense of community by engaging parents and local community members
      4. Observe good equalities practice in recruitment and development of staff, Trustees and LGB members.

Monitoring & governance arrangements

  1. Our Local Governing Body is responsible for monitoring delivery of our objectives on an annual basis.


  1. The date of the next formal review of these objectives is July 2022

Further information


For further information please contact the school office; details on the school website.



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