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Foundation Stage

            Welcome to the Foundation Unit at Lyngford Park


The Foundation Unit at Lyngford Park is made up of three classes:


Lime class which takes children from 2 years and 6 months old up to the term before they start school.

Children can attend for mornings, afternoons or all day. We are registered for 15 hour universal funding and 30 hour childcare places. We also operate a key worker system.


Willow and Hornbeam class- Reception Classes. 


Who's who?

Mrs E Stringer and Mrs H Ingram (Safeguarding and Early Years SENCo)- Lime Class teachers

Miss R Wasiewicz - Willow class teacher and EYFS Lead 

Mrs Kemble Willow class teacher Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Mrs N Buda - Teacher


Lime Class Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Robins

Miss K Westlake

Mrs I Ferreira



Willow Class Teaching Assistants 

Miss N Cooper-Pettitt

Mrs W Allen


Hornbeam Class Teaching Assistants: 

Miss A Purt (Level 4 Early Years Advanced Practitioner)


What is it like to be in the Foundation Stage Unit

The children in the Foundation Stage Unit work in a stimulating, exciting and play based environment. They take part in a wide range of activities both indoors and outdoors.

The unit is open plan allowing free flow between pre-school children and school age children. All children share a large outdoor area, with access to sand, water construction and bikes. We also plan forest school session as part of our outdoor learning.


In the Foundation Unit we aim to:

-Provide a warm, inviting and stimulating learning environment, where the children feel happy and secure and able to achieve their full potential.

-Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which is based upon the Early Years Foundation Stage, a thorough knowledge of child development, good early years practice and the individual needs of each child.

-To form good relationships with parents and carers, and work together to develop a supportive link between home and Foundation Unit.


Partnership with Parents

Parents are welcomed into our classroom at any time to see our work and the way we learn. This provides an opportunity for parents to be involved in our learning and talk to our class teachers.


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