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I am delighted to welcome you and your child to our happy and friendly school, situated in the midst of the Lyngford Park area in Taunton.


The overriding objective of the governing body is to ensure the quality of education for the children, which is sometimes measured by national tests and results.  However this school is delivering a ‘quality of education’ that goes way beyond requirements measured at the 2 Key Stages. The website will give you an insight into the breadth of experiences and activities enjoyed by the children under the leadership of Mrs Loader and her dedicated staff. They all contribute hugely through their endless hard work to the great ‘quality of education’ that the school aspires to deliver.  The school has got a reputation for good pastoral care which can also be hard to measure.  However anyone who visits the school and talks to the staff and pupils sees the confidence and happiness of the children, which again is crucial to the overall ‘quality of education’.


Many larger schools seek to capture the character, values and community that you find at our school.  Here at Lyngford Park we have the real thing as the staff team are committed to providing the best possible primary experience and will do all they can to achieve this. The governing body are proud to support the school and all that goes on, in whatever way they can, and also to act as a critical friend who makes sure your children get the best education possible.


This website will give you a flavour I hope of the facilities and activities available here at Lyngford Park and so allow you to become more involved in your child’s development and progress.  If you are interested in becoming a governor do let us know – either through the school office or our names are all listed in the governor’s section, including the parent governor posts who you might well know. 


Barbara Berks

Chair of the Governing Body