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The intent of our Maths curriculum is to ensure that children enjoy their learning of Maths and leave with the best opportunities going into secondary school. It is important for us to enable children to have the skill set to be able to become lifelong learners of Maths and we will provide them with practical experiences to give them a deep understanding and enable the children to make connections to everyday situations.

We want our children to make connections across mathematical concepts by applying them to different areas within the curriculum and develop their skills of fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

We use the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach within our teaching and this year we are particularly focusing on the pictorial support to enable our children a good understanding and level of support.

Times tables


At Lyngford Park we value the importance of teaching times tables. To support our teaching children have daily singing of tables through Todd and Ziggy (see below for link). We encourage children to learn these songs to support them in their recall of the times tables. As well as that we use TTRockstars and Maths Frames to help with the rapid recall of the tables and to support children in their Times tables tests at the end of Year 4. 

5 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

Subscribe and watch new videos. ★ YouTube Channel Many children find it hard to learn multiplication. I hope Todd & Ziggy have made learning the 5 times table fun for you. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box.

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