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The curriculum to which each child is entitled has been laid down by the National Curriculum, ensuring the development of a child moving through the school. At Lyngford Park we look to promote a love of learning and understanding. Through the teaching of our Maths Curriculum we focus on the core principles of number within our morning sessions, covering the understanding of place value, calculating and fractions. Our afternoon sessions look into the use of geometry, statistics and using our skills of problem solving. There is also a huge importance and emphasis on times tables. As a school we run Multiplication Olympics every half term. 


Due to the changes in the curriculum we will now have multiplication lessons rather than a test and children will carry out a weekly arithmetic test where the knowledge of tables will help them. Arithmetic tests are now part of the Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs. It shows children's ability to work with number. Please see attached example. 


We take a very practical approach to teaching maths at Lyngford Park and you will often see children using a range of equipment and visuals to support their learning of mathematics.  

Calculation Policy

Example arithmetic tests