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Lyngford Park Primary school is a Ruth Miskin badge school. We support children with their reading and writing using a scheme called Read, Write Inc. Within this the children are regularly assessed and put into groups that best support your child in the learning of the sounds. Children have Read, Write Inc at least 4 times a week and when they are ready to they will receive home reading books linked to the sounds they know. You may hear your children talk about Fred talk. This is because we have a frog and he is very special as he can only talk in sounds. For example c-a-t cat. He helps the children to learn to blend and segment words. We have found great success with over 90% of children research the required standard of phonics in the last phonics test carried out when the children are in Year 1. 


We do ask that you read at least 5 times a week with your child and this is tracked each week. To start with this will be you reading stories to them to gradually working on their sounds to reading words and books to you.