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At Lyngford Park Primary School we use a programme called 'Read Write Inc' to teach the children early reading and writing. When children become fluent readers, they further develop their reading through the use of the 'Accelerated Reader' programme and targeted guided reading sessions. Our well-stocked library offers children a broad range of books to develop a love of reading.


Read Write Inc


Read Write Inc leads to the children blending the sounds together and reading words, moving rapidly on to simple sentences and short stories. The programme also includes red words which the children learn by sight.

In order to make good progress your support at home is vital in practising the taught sounds and applying them in their reading. We recommend regular reading practise (at least 5 days a week) to ensure the children have plenty of practise at applying the sounds and skills taught in school.

Please find below some tips to help you support your child with their reading at home which supports the Read Write Inc. programme they are following in school.

It is vital for children to read a book at least 3 times to develop and build on different skills each time it is read:


Book read 1: Decoding and Blending

This is an opportunity to talk about what is happening in the pictures and read the text, sounding out and blending any new vocabulary.


Book Read 2: Comprehension

The book is read through again with more confidence in identifying the new vocabulary by sight following the Book Read 1. This is also an opportunity to discuss what has happened in the book; characters, setting, feelings, beginning, middle, end and key events to build on the children’s understanding of what they are reading.


Book Read 3: Expression and Fluency

The focus when reading the book for the third time is to read the words fluently and with expression to add meaning and interest to what they are reading.

Read Write Inc

Letter Formation and Phrases