The Role of the DSL

Lyngford Park Primary & Nursery

The role of the designated safeguarding lead and deputy safeguarding leads for child protection

Lyngford Park Primary & Nursery makes every effort to ensure pupils enjoy a safe and secure
learning environment. We ensure children are not put in any position where they are vulnerable to
abuse or neglect. We enforce a school safeguarding policy for permanent and temporary staff
members, volunteers, and all school visitors.
We ensure our school pupils are provided with the highest protection whilst in our care and, as far as
is possible, during their time outside school. There is a designated safeguarding lead (DSL) to
oversee the child protection and safeguarding provision in our school. The designated person is a
member of the senior leadership team. When the senior person is absent or unavailable, the deputy
designated leads will take up their responsibilities.
We ensure training and professional development of the DSL and deputy DSL is ongoing, in order to
enable them to deal effectively with changing child welfare concerns and the extra responsibilities the
job requires. We identify possible abuse, and knowing the right level of action to take, depending on
the individual situation and circumstances.
We ensure the DSL attends relevant new or refresher training throughout their time in this role to
make sure they are up to date with all statutory policy and legislation and in the best position to deal
with concerns, incidents and allegations, as well as feed back to the rest of the school staff, including
governors, on updated safeguarding provisions and policies, and any available support resources.
Lyngford Park Primary School & Nursery’s personnel for safeguarding:
Designated lead for child protection is Kim Barratt (All Year Round)
Contact details: Tel: 01823 284912/07887952694
Deputy designated lead – Helen Ingram
Contact details: Tel: 01823 284912
Deputy designated lead – Lucas Upham
Contact details: Tel: 01823 284912
The nominated child protection governor is Faye Forsyth
Contact details: Tel 01823 284912
Headteacher – Nick Arnold
Contact details: Tel: 01823 28491

March 2024