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School to School Work

School to School Collaboration

At Lyngford Park Primary School we really understand the importance of being part of a team and how we best learn from and with others.


We have a group of six schools with whom we work closely. This includes shared Joint Professional Development Days and meetings based on data driven objectives.

During 2015 and 2016, we are focusing on the following areas:


1. Developing our Key Stage Two teachers' knowledge and understanding of the new mathematics curriculum. This work is being led by a local Maths Consultant that the schools have employed together. Every half term the teachers meet up and review their teaching and learning as well as moderate assessments. The group have also produced a new shared calculations policy.

The aim for this work is to enable 85% of children from across the schools to be working at age related levels by July 2016.


2. To work together to raise attainment in reading across the schools at the end of Key Stage Two. This has led to reading leads from the schools meeting to establish effective reading diets with clear systems for assessing and recording reading progress. This work is being led by a local English Consultant who has also led a parent workshop reinforcing the importance of home reading.


3. Working together to moderate writing against the new interim standards. These sessions have been really helpful in developing staff's understanding of what age related writing looks like.

Moving forward with writing