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SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Lyngford Park Primary School believes every child can succeed, thrive and make progress. Every child has unique strengths and unique needs. It can be hard to know what is available and what your child is entitled to, what they need to succeed and what is typical for their age and stage of development, so this area of the website provides parents and carers of children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) or parents with concerns about their child with information and advice which will signpost you to the school’s services and resources.


How do you know if a child needs extra help?


All children in Lime Class are monitored by their allocated keyperson. This is done through ongoing observations and assessments via our online Tapestry system. We provide regular parents meetings to discuss individual needs and progress. We use the graduated response following an area of need raised by the keyperson, staff member or parents. This will then be discussed with Helen Ingram our Early Years Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. Assessments may be carried out, and where necessary, a referral made to external agencies, once consent is given by parents. Please feel free to have a brief discussion with your child’s keyperson at any time.