Around 1,000 primary school pupils across in Taunton took part in a Vocabulary Day. Children and staff from four Richard Huish Academy Trust primary schools: Lyngford Park, North Town, Nerrols and West Buckland identified new words and dressed up as a visual representation of that word for the day. The only rule was the word couldn’t be a noun. The children thought carefully to come up with a huge variety of vocabulary and they enjoyed sharing their words and costumes with each other in class and as parades for parents.


Each of the classes collated their words in a Word Hoard – a collection of words or phrases that a poet or storyteller needs – that can be added to regularly. Every school produced its own copy of a visual dictionary that can be used to help broaden the children’s vocabulary. This contains a picture of the child dressed as the word along with the word class and a definition. Lessons throughout the day included creative poetry, vocabulary games and playing with words. The Word Wizard appeared to collect quality vocabulary to place in his cauldron for a vocabulary potion poem.