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Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Key Stage 1!


Eucalyptus & Beech Classes are made up of caring, clever, kind and fun Year 1 and 2 children who are taught by Mrs Ramster & Miss Morris.


Year 2 (Eucalyptus Class) are in the top building next to the Foundation Stage Unit.

Year 1/2 (Beech Class) are in the top building next to the Foundation Stage Unit.



Who's Who?

Mrs L Ramster - Eucalyptus Class Teacher, Key Stage 1 Leader 

Miss A Morris - Beech Class Teacher



Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Watson

Mrs J Payne 

Miss M Matthews


What's it like to be in Year 1 and 2?

The children in Year 1 and 2 are polite, respectful, helpful and caring individuals. They are becoming more determined to succeed and are keen learners throughout all areas of the creative curriculum.


What do we like to do?

We are passionate learners. We enjoy sharing stories, writing our own stories and developing our mathematical skills in our stimulating classrooms.


How do we make sure the children are learning?

Within our welcoming classrooms you will find helpful working walls and class displays. These aid the children as they work and learn. Our Literacy and Maths displays show the children their learning steps and objectives. We share our success criteria at the start of each lesson and encourage the children to use them.

There is regular marking of their work including the use of 'next steps'. The children reflect on these to move forward in their learning.


Partnership with Parents

Parental support is encouraged in Year 1 and 2 through regular reading at home, Phonics reinforcement and Times table learning. We have an 'open door' policy where parents can feel free to come and discuss their child's learning needs.




2019 -2020

This Autumn term we will be focusing our learning around Adventurers & Explorers, and in Year 1 & 2 we will be learning about Dragons and Knights.