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Year 5 and 6

Who's who?

Mrs G John & Mrs C Kearley - Year 5

Miss R Whatley - Year 5

Miss C Rogerson - Year 6

Mrs N Loasby-Seal - Year 6


Teaching assistants

Mrs S Skene

Mrs B Smith

Mrs S Byrne

Mrs E Burdis


What's it like to be in the class?

The children in Robinia, Chestnut, Whitebeam & Red Oak classes like to work independently and confidently with the challenges that they are given. We work well together as a team and believe in each other. We love editing our work and other people's so we can help each other to get better and improve our range of vocabulary.


What do we like to do?

We enjoy taking part in creative activities and we also enjoy physical education taking part in a range of different sports building up confidence with the new skills we have experienced.


How do we make sure the children are learning?

The golden rule helps us to ensure we are improving our work, alongside the working walls in the classroom. The next steps provide us with the information we need to move forward in our learning.We use self assessemnt, using red and green pens to edit our own work and our peers.This has helped us to become very clear about where we are in our learning and what we need to go next.


Partnership with parents

Parents are welcomed into our classroom at any time to see our work and the way we learn. This provides an opportunity for parents to be involved in our learning and talk to our class teacher.

Year 5 & 6's Latest Learning - Publishing our dragon writing